Why Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

Hello! We are Emma and Sarah of Moss and Maeve Event Planning and Styling! We are so excited to be starting on this journey and thought that there was no better topic for our very first blog post than by answering this important question: why should I hire a wedding planner?

There are many reasons hiring a wedding planner is a good idea and will help to ensure that your wedding day is as perfect as you imagined! Here are a few reasons why hiring a planner can be beneficial to you and some of the key roles they play in helping bring together your wedding day:

Budget Management

One of the most helpful things wedding planners do is assisting with managing your budget. We are there to work within your guidelines and cater to your preferences while also recommending the best and most affordable ways to reach your vision!

Vendor Coordination And Recommendation

Planners also assist in finding vendors that are within your price range and offer exactly what you are looking for. We help coordinate with vendors and make sure that they know where to be and when to be there. In case any problems arise on the day of the ceremony with any of your vendors, it is the wedding planner’s job to help figure out a solution so that you don’t have to worry about anything during your special day.

By acquiring a wedding planner, you are making sure that you are able to focus on the most important things on your big day!


It is a planner’s responsibility to coordinate the entire day and to put together a timeline that will make sure your day goes off without a hitch. We are responsible for keeping everything on track and making sure that every other vendor is on schedule.

Ceremony To Reception Flip

 If you are holding your ceremony in the same location in which you wish to hold your reception, you will have to “flip” the ceremony site during cocktail hour. Having a wedding planner on site will facilitate this and take that stressful part of the day off of your plate, so you can feel free to enjoy your cocktail hour or take as many photos as you like!


"My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle because that's the part before the wedding that I would play over and over in my head"

Casee Pierce

Something Old, Something New

Wedding planners are there to listen to your vision and to help suggest the best ways in which to bring these ideas into reality. They may also come up with new ideas and suggestions, which you hadn’t considered before, but may help you to expand your vision and to create an event even more beautiful than you had hoped for!

Keeping Your Day Stress Free!

 The most important aspect of having a wedding planner is to make sure that the responsibility is off of your shoulders so that you are able to fully enjoy the day you have spent months planning for and dreaming about! On that day, you shouldn’t be thinking about anything but the person by your side and your family and friends that surround you! By acquiring a wedding planner, you are making sure that you are able to focus on the most important things on your big day. Seeing couples that are able to relax and focus completely on each other is one of the things that let’s us know we are doing our job right! 

xo Emma & Sarah

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