Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

A very important part of the wedding planning process is finding unique and thoughtful gifts to thank your bridesmaids for all their help! Inviting someone to join your wedding party is a big favor to ask. They will have to invest a lot of time and money into your wedding week itself. Your gifts should reflect the love and gratitude you have for your friends, sisters, and loved ones.  Here are some unique ideas and suggestions we’ve come up with for cute and personalized bridesmaids gifts! Combining some of these ideas to create a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” box is also a fun idea!



One item that we think is absolutely adorable for your bridesmaids are robes! This is a gift that your bridesmaids can not only wear on the morning of your wedding, but can be used over and over again once the big day is over!

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself
— Jim Morrison

Plum Pretty Sugar has all different sorts of colors and styles of robes. You can pick and choose colors based on your wedding’s color scheme or really any that you like and that you think your bridesmaids will appreciate! 


Casee picked out the cutest robes that her bridesmaids wore while getting their hair and makeup done on the day of her wedding!

Artisan Candles

Another thoughtful way to show your gratitude is to gift your bridesmaids with personalized or monogrammed candles! This is a great item to add to your "Will you be my bridesmaid" box. Here's a darling collection from The Little Market:

Candy Box

A fun idea to present your bridesmaids with is a  “Will you be my bridesmaid?” candy bento box! We love the candy box created by Sugarfina! This bento box includes “Will You” Champagne Bears, “Be My” Pink Diamonds and “Bridesmaid?“ Champagne Bubbles.

Tote Bags


Tote bags are another popular choice of bridesmaids gifts! These can be monogrammed and personalized too! Not only are they a cute gift that your friends and family members can use after the wedding, but they are super handy on the big day. Bridesmaids can use them to carry all their personal belongings that they will need to get ready on the morning of your wedding. These can be a great option for a fun detail picture on your wedding day too!


We absolutely love these totes by Everly Grayce on Etsy!


Consider a personalized necklace or bracelet or piece of jewelry you know matches your friend or family member’s personal style! A thoughtfully selected piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a great item to add to your bridesmaids box. Check out the selection of bridesmaids’ jewelry from Project Dahlia on Etsy!


Custom hangers are also a cute, smaller gift you can present your girls with! They can be used to hang the bridesmaids dresses up on the day of your wedding and make for some super cute detail pictures!


Self Care Package

You can never go wrong with a self care package for your ladies! This is another great item to add to your "Will you be my bridesmaid?" box. A self care package that we are crazy about is from Revolve and includes a face mask, lavender oil, enamel pin, eye gel packs, ear plugs, sleep mask and a mini water infuser!


One or any combination of these unique items will help make your day even more special while also letting your closest friends know how much they mean to you! Your bridesmaids put a lot of time and effort into helping you turn your wedding day into everything you hope it to be, so making sure you take the time to say thank you is very important. Your bridal party represents the best women in your life and your thank you gift should reflect that!

xo Sarah & Emma