Meet Robin from Felicè Bridal


Recently, we we were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with Robin from Felicè Bridal on an upcoming styled shoot. Trying to remain creative within this industry can be challenging at times, however finding vendors who remain immensely talented and unique within their craft makes it easier to carry out your vision. We had our eye on Carol Hannah gowns because the flowing, ethereal fabric of some the gowns resonated with old world romance. Felicè Bridal carries an array of beautiful, unique gowns, some of which are trendy, while others remain classic and traditional, creating a wide variety for brides to choose from. 

The moment we arrived at the boutique and discussed our ideas for the shoot with Robin, she knew just what gowns to showcase. After choosing the perfect gown for our shoot, we were intrigued by Robin’s expertise within the wedding industry and wanted to learn more.

Felicè Bridal is a bridal boutique based out of Colorado Springs and has been in business since 2002. It stands out as a boutique not only because of the wide selection of gorgeous gowns, but also by the experience it provides in the selection of the dresses. 

Robin has been in the wedding industry for 18 years after getting a degree from CSU in apparel and merchandising. To complete her degree, she interned at a bridal salon, totally fell in love with the industry and opened a boutique with her mother a few months after graduation.

Q & A with Robin:

What are your favorite gowns in the store right now? Who are the designers? 

Lutosa by Carol Hannah, Mihr by Watters and the Lucille by Lea-Ann Belter

Lutosa by Carol Hannah  Photo provided by Felicè Bridal

Lutosa by Carol Hannah

Photo provided by Felicè Bridal

Mihr by Watters  Photo provided by Felicè Bridal

Mihr by Watters

Photo provided by Felicè Bridal

Lucille by Lea-Ann Belter  Photo provided by Felicè Bridal

Lucille by Lea-Ann Belter

Photo provided by Felicè Bridal

What do you love most about each one?

Lutosa is clean and classic yet architectural and sophisticated. Mihr is delicate and romantic, while Lucille is just special with its blush color and beautiful floral fabric!

How do you find inspiration when choosing the gowns/accessories for your store? What are classic trends what will never go out of style?

I try and follow my sense of taste for the most part when choosing the gowns for the boutique – you cannot sell what you do not like. I think Felicé is known to be the most simple styled bridal boutique in Colorado, but with a little more of a Couture look as well. I think classic elegance will never go out of style. Clean, simple lines. Ballgowns will always be a classic bridal look.

What newer trends are you seeing in the industry when it comes to bridal fashion? What do you think of the newer trends such as colored gowns and bridal jumpsuits?

I have seen some designers go for rainbow colored gowns! I think that is a trend that will fade quickly. I think colors such as blush and champagne will stay around, as they have been popular for years already. As far as the bridal jumpsuit, I think it’s adorable for a rehearsal dinner! I am a traditionalist at heart though…

What are your favorite wedding dress styles?

It truly depends on the bride, and her body shape. I can’t say that I have a favorite – as each gown looks totally different of each bride!

What is your approach when helping a bride find the perfect dress?

I love the experience factor of this new boutique. I am running the new store by appointment only, so every bride gets the whole boutique to themselves. It is so calm and easy. We can take our time, figure out their personal style, and find the perfect dress! You can see it on the brides face when she puts on the gown that she feels the most beautiful in – it radiates!

What would you recommend to brides dress shopping for the first time?

Be open to the experience. Definitely bring in your photos and come with an idea of what you like, but be open to trying things that you didn’t think would work on you. Also, come in with a budget.

How do you match accessories to dresses?

There seems to be a perfect veil for each dress whether it matches the lace of the gown or appliques. I love putting the whole look together, the finishing touches are like the icing on the cake.

When do you recommend a cathedral veil versus a shorter veil or no veil at all? 

I almost always recommend a cathedral veil for my brides. Most Colorado brides get married outdoors, and if you go with a short veil and there is any wind, it can blow around in your face. A long veil will allow you to see right through the veil to the back of the dress, and not get in your face during the ceremony. Again, being the traditionalist that I am, I LOVE a veil! I always recommend at least trying it on…