Moss & Maeve ft. Sarah Porter Photography

Starting a business from the ground up is a daunting process. We both have a great depth of experience within this industry, but branching out on our own has been an entirely new journey for the both of us. Moss & Maeve is our baby and we're trying our hardest to be the best “business moms” we can be! 


In such a competitive industry, the talent amongst vendors is unlimited. Finding a good community to adapt into who will help represent your brand and offer encouragement and guidance is key.  We truly believe that when we lift others up, especially when starting a new chapter in life, we can do amazing things together. 


"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

--- Maya Angelou

When we decided to tackle this exciting new journey together, we needed to find someone that would help capture our personalities on film. We want to represent our brand with pride while also remaining true to our most authentic selves and we want our clients to see that. 


3 Fun Facts

1- I danced for 18 years of my life. It was my passion and I found so much beauty in it. Don't get me wrong, I still dance, just in my living room in my pajamas!

2- I have a dog named Scout. She's my life and my best friend. She's taught me a lot in life about love and loyalty. I truly think dogs make this world a better place.

3- I love to cook. Sometimes I wish I went to culinary school but I love it so much as a hobby. My favorite thing to make is authentic street tacos and my dad's world famous margaritas, he's truly a master at them!


3 Fun Facts

1- I have traveled to seven different countries throughout Europe: Iceland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, and England. My two favorite cities were Paris and Berlin! I feel inspired when I'm traveling and love experiencing new places and meeting new people!

2- One of my passions throughout high school and college was working on and performing in plays. I've been a part of multiple theater companies and was voted president of our high school theater troupe. I loved being able to express myself and have a fun, challenging and creative outlet!

3- I've always loved being active and was on all different types of athletic teams over the years: basketball, swim team, softball, cross country, tennis, gymnastics, dance, etc. I love being my healthiest, happiest self and think that being active is an incredibly important part of life!

When we contacted Sarah Porter Photography, we knew she was the perfect fit to help represent the start of our new brand! Besides her obvious impeccable taste and swoon worthy photos, she made us feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera and also offered advice on the startup of our new business. 


We met at Union Station and if you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and head there now! Order yourself a Rose Spritzer or Melon Cooler at the Terminal Bar and relax on the cozy furniture, taking in the ambiance of the natural lighting and oversized elegant light fixtures. The sophisticated, chic design makes you forget that you're actually in a train station.

When successful, motivated women get together to pursue their dreams, magic can happen.

After our fun was had in the city, we headed west to the mountains. Sarah’s energy was such a pleasure to be around. She is truly a breath of fresh air and we had the best time with her! If we can be honest, we were “fangirling" just a bit to be around her. That is the type of positive energy she exudes around her clients. 


Get to know the artist behind the lens and check out our questionnaire with Sarah Porter Photography. 


What is your favorite wedding tradition?

My favorite is "you may now kiss the bride." I get giddy every time and a close second again is the father-daughter dance. 

What is your favorite non-traditional thing you’ve seen at a wedding? 

Doing a first look instead of waiting to see each other at the altar. 

What is the one thing you would want all brides to know before their big day?

The best thing a bride can do is hire a wedding planner. I won't photograph a wedding without one because I believe that strongly in the importance of their role in weddings. Even if a bride has a family friend who has done it before, or they're a very organized bride, wedding day is not the day to leave anything to chance. Let your family enjoy the day without having to worry about transporting flowers from point A to point B or having to find the missing tablecloth. It also allows you to be fully present on your wedding day without having to worry about anything beyond which signature drink you're going to want during cocktail hour. 

What are some of your favorite venues to photograph at? 

Anything with lots of windows to make the day light and airy, or better yet al fresco with a beautiful marquee tent. My dream is to photograph a ceremony inside the Thorncrown Chapel in Arkansas and pretty much anything at a Chateau in France or in an Italian villa is going to get me dancing like a crazy person.   

What are the benefits of a first look from a photographers perspective?

Can I back this up a little and start with the benefit to the couple? First looks allow for the couple to have a ton more portraits of the two of them from their wedding day, and if we're very honest, we know those are the cherished photographs most desired at the end of the day. I haven't seen a couple get a 16x20 print made of a large extended family photo and place it above their mantle. Not only does it allow you to get more photos of the two of you, it also allows for some private time together on your wedding day before the ceremony and reception. It's hard to find that time after the ceremony ends. It also allows you the opportunity to enjoy some of the cocktail hour with your cherished guests.  A portion of your wedding budget goes into making cocktail hour enjoyable for your guests so being able to enjoy it with them should be part of the experience. 

Okay, now back to why photographers enjoy first looks. For me, I do my best work when I'm not rushed. I'm a lot more intentional and the creative juices can flow. This is where "Pinterest worthy" images come from, as mentioned before. When a client decides to discard the first look, it means we have to fit family photos, full bridal party photos, bride and groom portraits, cocktail hour coverage and the reception area (without people in it) all in less than an hour, typically. That boils down to limiting the time for couples portraits (the ones you're going to love and want the most) to 20-25 minutes. 

What is your favorite wedding trend currently?

I love seeing couples incorporate more custom pieces into their day. I'm happy to see some of the DIY trends starting to fade and less use of large retail sources like David's Bridal and Minted. When couples support a local business it thrills my soul. Things like custom invitation suites, custom suits from Colorado's own Bespoke Edge and carefully curated guest bags. Things that make a couple's day unique and adds their own personal style and story sets their day apart from all the others.   

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? 

As a bride planning my wedding: Just do you, don't plan your wedding to make everyone else happy.

As a new business owner: Invest in education and business coaching: they'll show you your worth and that "you got this boo". 

On life: Every season and stage is fantastic, for different reasons, enjoy right now and don't waste time thinking the future will be better. Now is right where you're supposed to be and it's perfect. 

A huge thank you to Sarah Porter and Union station for giving us this opportunity to represent our brand!


Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.